Newest ConserVOLiance Member

Our newest member comes to us as a referral. A big ConserVOLiance hat tip to Bear Creek Ledger for introducing us to Kate at An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings!

Kate is blogging out of Hardin County these days but her journey to get there was a long and winding road. She started out in Texas and ended up in Wisconsin until she and her hubby recently moved to Tennessee. In her own words,

I’m a transplanted Texan by way of Wisconsin. Tennessee has always been one of my favorite states, and no state income tax. So, my husband and I compromised. I wasn’t going to stay one more winter in that tax hell up nort’, and he couldn’t handle the heat of Texas. 🙂 At least y’all have four seasons here, instead of two…..WI has winter and a brief period of construction.

Kate’s been politically active for years and made the move to blogging in May of ’06 back in Wisconsin. Influenced by a talk radio host, Jessica McBride, to get involved she started ‘An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings’ and it’s STILL the #8 Most Influential Blog in Wisconsin per Blog Net News! We’ll have to get her switched over to the Tennessee page!

She’s still getting used to living in Tennessee and finding all the places to plug in to being politically active. If you’re a Tennessee ConBlogger, she’d love to make your acquaintance. Click through and give her a visit. You’ll be glad you did.

For the ConserVOLiance,



3 responses to “Newest ConserVOLiance Member

  1. You Tennessee folk better be good to our Ol’Broad or the Cheddarheads will get ya!!! LOL

    We miss her up here but thanks to this internet thingy that Algore invented we still keep in touch.

    Don’t forget to visit the sites on her blogroll!!

  2. What’s this? Yet another threat from the North to invade our fair state?

    Well, considering what happened the last time that happened I suppose we’ll take your suggestion under advisement and respond prudently.

    Just you remember that she left your arctic wasteland of her own free will. It’s not our fault that you have nothing of value there except Brett Favre, Leinenkugel Beer and the best cover band I EVER heard, The Booze Brothers (from the Milwaukee area circa 1980).

    We, on the other hand, have Vince Young, Jack Daniels – ALL of country music, baby and the factory which manufactures the Barrett .50 sniper rifle. So come on ahead. Ever seen what a .50 round DOES to a block of cheese at a kilometer and a half?

    Seriously – your loss is our gain. We love the Ol’ Broad! Not only does she fit right in but she fits like family. If’n ya’ll wanna visit, I figger we kin’ let bygones be bygones and welcome you like family, too!

    Thanks for stopping by …


  3. Ah shucks!


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